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Epson PhotoPC

Optional Storage Cards for the EPSON PhotoPC 600 & 700 CompactFlash

CompactFlash cards are floppy disks on steroids. CompactFlash cards are solid state; they don't wear out. Floppy disks must rotate and eventually wear out. Floppy disks may also suffer damage caused by read-write head crashes or sudden movements.

CompactFlash cards read and write data at nearly instantaneous speeds. A 32-megabyte CompactFlash card is Simple Technology Part# STI-ATACF/32.

Data transfer via a PCMCIA Type II card slot requires a
PC Card Adapter for CompactFlash cards. When bundled with a PC Card Adapter, the 32MB CompactFlash card is Part# STI-CFAD/32.

Data transfer via an enhanced parallel port requires Part# STI-CF/PAD, the
PC Photo Reader for CompactFlash cards.

Hitachi MP-EG1A


The world's first MPEG camera!
Capture Full Motion MPEG Video.

20-minute MPEG Capacity.

AND Check this out:
Holds 3,000 JPEG images
at 640x480 resolution.


PhotoPC 550

Epson PhotoPC 550

See images taken
with the PhotoPC 550
in the Epson Gallery!


See images taken
with the PhotoPC 700
in the Epson Gallery!

EPSON PhotoPC 600

EPSON PhotoPC 700

EPSON PhotoPC 600

Delivers XGA Resolution: 1024x768

Digital Camera NOT designed for Computer Nerds... designed to make Photos.

You should NOT need a PC to Print! A computer might be inconvenient. No Computer? No problem!

Print PhotoPC 600 photos with EPSON 's color inkjet photo printer REQUIRING NO COMPUTERS.

Care to see YOUR Photos on TV? No Computer? No problem! Watch your photos on Television.

Photos, Photos, Photos... That's the story.

Polaroid PDC 2000

Captures high-resolution frames
via a "megapixel" sensor.
See color photos at the
PDC-2000 Photo Gallery!


AIGotcha from AITech

Use your VCR or Camcorder
As a Digital Camera

Parallel-Port Connection
Capture Video in 16.7 Million Colors
Up to 1600x1200 Resolution

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