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Pioneer Logo
Pioneer is a world leader in entertainment and industrial electronics. Although Pioneer is best known for bringing great music and video to your homes and cars, they are also helping companies store and display their optical data, and enabling teachers everywhere to bring the world into their classrooms on videodisc.

LCDCITY is proud to serve five states on behalf of Pioneer New Media Technologies: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

We offer the following models:

  • LD-V8000
  • LD-V4400
  • CLD-V2600
  • CLD-V5000
  • CLD-V2800
  • LaserDisc Titles

    $60 - $100

    They are all
    Level One Interactive
    CAV Format

    and include
  • Teacher Guides;
  • Barcodes; and
  • Lesson Plans.


  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Earth Sciences
  • Biology

    Art of the Western World
    Mona Lisa

    Apollo Lunar Missions
    Apollo Mission

    Powers of the President
    Power of the President


  • DVD Players
    DVD FAQ's

    Q: When will DVD players display stop-action "freeze frames?"

    A: Now! The Pioneer DVD-V7200 is the model to use.

    Q: Can I add text to a pre-recorded DVD?

    A: Yes! Type in "text overlays" using a PS/2-style keyboard which plugs directly into the Pioneer DVD-V7200.

    Q: How can I navigate through menu-driven DVDs?

    A: Just connect a PS/2-style mouse to a Pioneer DVD-V7200 and you can navigate through menu-driven DVDs.

    Please inquire! We sell the Pioneer DVD-V7200!

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