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Educational Titles

Don't Miss Our Selection of Educational LaserDisc Titles!

Looking for a place to repair your LaserDisc Player? In Nashville, Market Street Electronics at 222 2nd Avenue South is the place! Call Jim York at 615-254-3281.

Enhance Your Curriculum
With the Power of LaserDisc
Pioneer leads the world in LaserDisc technology, with more LaserDisc players in use in more classrooms than all other brands combined. That's because our players offer innovative features, like the ability to play five kinds of discs (8" and 12" laser discs, 3" and 5" CD discs, 5" CDV discs) and built in LaserBarcode, LaserBarcode2 and Bar Code CD capability. And all our players are backed by Pioneer, a name you can trust.

The CLD-V2800 LaserDisc Player
Provides all of the professional performance and style you'd expect in a Pioneer LaserDisc player, packaged in a new streamlined housing. This Level I/Level III player includes an RS-232 interface for computer control, and convenient features like Auto Start and Auto Repeat for "set-and-forget" operation. S.R.P. $895
The CLD-V2600 LaserDisc Player
The perfect multimedia solution for workstations and small group learning. The player offers full Level I and Level III integration, as well as advanced features like both analog and digital audio channels and Clear Scan support for CLV discs. S.R.P. $995
The CLD-V5000 Dual-Sided LaserDisc Player
When accessing both sides of your laser disc is critical, Pioneer's dual-sided CLD-V5000 player offers the ultimate in convenience and operability - dual access without having to turn the disc over. This Level I/Level III player is ideal for multimedia applications and classroom presentations. S.R.P. $995

Completing Your System with LaserBarcode Readers
The Pioneer LaserBarcode system is the most effective method for bringing the benefits of LaserDisc and CD audio discs to your presentations. It's a simple way for you to get maximum value from educational laser discs with pre-printed barcodes or with barcodes you make yourself.

UC-V109BC Barcode Reader with Direct Access
This affordable pen-type scanner is slim, lightweight and easy to use. Simply trace the light-tipped end over the barcode, while holding the "read" button, allowing instantaneous access to any frame. S.R.P. $160
UC-V108BC Autoscanning Barcode Reader
The ultimate barcode reader for ease of use. This automatic scanner traces the barcode while the reader is held stationary. All frequently used remote control buttons are located on the reader handle, allowing you to control and pace instruction from 25 feet away. S.R.P. $295

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