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CAV | Mature Students

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  • Two, 2-sided LaserDiscs
  • Teacher's Planning Book
  • Motion Video: approx. 1 hr, 45 min
  • Barcodes on durable Vinyl pages
  • Still Gallery: 200 exhibits including photographs, maps, graphs, profiles, speeches, music and documents.

    In 1955, when a photo of 10-year-old Emmett Till's brutally beaten, mutilated, shot-through-the-head corpse was published by Jet Magazine, it fueled the beginning of America's Civil Rights movement. This LaserDisc documents frankly the passionate pleas of African-Americans during an historic struggle for jobs and freedom. From violence-plagued marches and bombings, to the deaths of innocent children, experience the Civil Rights movement via the sights and sounds of a nation faced with crisis and danger.

    The Civil Rights movement comes to life in this interactive resource filled with unforgettable images of courageous people. Based on a two-hour version of EYES ON THE PRIZE, it combines dramatic stories from the film with an extensive Civil Rights archive. The result is a powerful teaching tool. Stanford University's Jane Boston noted, "This product gives teachers access to materials they would otherwise never be able to use in the classroom. It's not another gadget. It's a great way to support what you're doing with the curriculum."

    Produced as first in a series of PBS "Educator's LaserDiscs" EYES ON THE PRIZE was field-tested in schools across America. Teachers in New Hampshire preferred the LaserDisc over the video series because, "It's much easier to access and includes all the extra materials." After using EYES ON THE PRIZE, a District of Columbia Teacher said, "This is one of the best lessons I've ever had!"

    Using the LaserDisc's documentary segments and archival material, along with suggested discussion activities, prompted the comment: "This lesson will be with my students forever."

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