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· Smithsonian's Dinosaurs with LLT Multimedia Guide


CAV | Grades 1-12

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  • One, 2-sided LaserDisc
  • Barcode Index & Activities
  • Motion Video: approx. 60 min

    Reptiles tall as six-story buildings and heavier than a motorcoach come alive on this voyage to a world of dinosaurs. Examine clues that 30-inch dragonflies and foot-long cockroaches are ancestors to some of today's household pests. Go on digs with dinosaur-hunting, world-renowned paleontologists. Join in discovering fragile ancient bones. Visit a fossil library, deep in a basement of the Smithsonian Institution.

    Decide for yourself, after explanations of scientific theories, just why did dinosaurs so suddenly become extinct? They ruled the world for more than 140 million years... and then vanished. Smithsonian's Dinosaurs is a fascinating program about the mystery of these magnificent prehistoric creatures. The LaserDisc analyzes various scientific theories about how the dinosaurs lived, and why they no longer exist.

    In Dinosaurs, you will meet some of today's most celebrated paleontologists and learn more about their lifelong pursuit for answers about the world of the dinosaur. You will go on a guided dino dig, where you will see for yourself how scientists excavate valuable and delicate dinosaur fossils which lay buried for millions of years.

    Dinosaurs also offers a tour of the Smithsonian's Dinosaur Hall, home to the world's greatest collection of dinosaur fossils. Among dinosaurs displayed by the Smithsonian, are enormous skeletons of the gigantic Diplodocus; the menacing Triceratops; and Quetzalcoatlus, capable of soaring; according to scientists, the largest-ever flying animal.

    Smithsonian's Dinosaurs is an informative program featuring scientific theories and explanations about an intriguing period of Earth's history.

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