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CAV | Grades 2-12

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  • One, 2-sided LaserDisc
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Motion Video: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Dozens of mini-documentaries based on actual newsreel footage from around the world.

    Travel on a timeline through the past decades and relive the most influential episodes in history as well as the elements of the times. Dance the jazz craze of the twenties and see the devastation of the stock market crash. Listen to the many talk radio shows of the thirties and become a true baseball fan. In the forties learn to ration everything from food to gas and see how the American public met war with a fury. A comprehensive collection of history in motion.

    No other century in America's young history has seen or experienced the revolutionary changes and achievements of the 20th Century. In History in Motion: Milestones of the 20th Century, the events and significant moments of this remarkable period are presented through a collection of 23 mini-documentaries spanning more than 50 years.

    From domestic issues, such as Prohibition, the New Deal and McCarthyism, to segments on nationalism in the 1920s, Japanese internment camps during World War II, and the Civil Rights movement of more recent times, History in Motion provides a glimpse of major events and milestones that helped define a period and shape the future. History in Motion also touches on American foreign affairs during the 20th Century, covering the two world wars, the Berlin Wall and the Vietnam War.

    Each of the History in Motion chapters, beginning in the 1920s through the early 1970s features various video highlights and transcripts. The program's "Daily Life" segments provide a sense of what it may have been like to live during a particular era through video clips depicting the period's life-styles, trends, heroes and overall mood. History in Motion is a thoughtful collection of newsreel footage and historical overview narration. Each chapter presents an unbiased view of the decade and provides historical perspective on its significance to future generations.

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