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Restless Earth

CAV | Grades 1-12

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  • One, 2-sided LaserDisc
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Motion Video: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Map: Shaping a Contintent
  • Map: Earth's Dynamic Crust
  • Still Gallery: more than 200 photos

    Earth is alive. Railroad tracks twisted, highways shattered, and cities buried beneath cinders and ash. Earth's restlessness touches every land. Still, predicting Earth's moods is impossible. Via available new technology, we attempt an understanding of Earth's behaviour...but for now it has a mind all its own. Earth's language is the firey volcano, the rushing flood, and the trembling earthquake.

    Our world - the Earth - is alive. It is a living organism, constantly changing and evolving. Every day, somewhere on the planet, Earth's natural forces slowly move the continents, form vast new mountain ranges, or give rise to volcanic islands. Throughout it all, life continues to exist and evolve, and we learn to live with Earth's elements.

    In National Geographic's Restless Earth LaserDisc, you will see and understand how the Earth's face changed from the single land mass of Pangaea, which existed two hundred million years ago, to separate continents. Restless Earth takes us on a fascinating journey to volcanic islands, where people live under constant threat of eruption and total destruction. The program examines the mechanics of earthquakes. It illustrates what is known of plate tectonics. It reports on scientific progress towards accurate predictions of future earthquakes. Restless Earth is focused on primal forces altering our planet.

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