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Windows® on a 32-inch TV?
No Problem!

PC-to-TV Scan Converter
Get an AITech MultiPro® Plus, and your
TELEVISION can show high-resolution

Use any size television to display computer images and:
  • Surf the Internet
  • Teach Computer-based Skills
  • View Multi-Media Presentations
  • Play Computer Games on Big TVs
  • Record Video Tape: VHS or S-VIDEO

  • See EVERYTHING Edge-to-Edge... Nothing Cropped!
    Just PLUG and PLAY... there's NO Software Needed.
    Correct Resolution for Windows '95 + '98 + Macintosh.

    Frequency Range of the AITech MultiPro® Plus
    Horizontal - 24 KHz to 48 KHz
    Vertical - 50 Hz to 75 Hz

    Choose an AITech PC-to-TV Scan Converter for
    Home - Office - Travel - School

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