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. Teacher PREP Grants

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Who Is Eligible?

1) State & County Government IN-SERVICE Training Centers with focus on Classroom Technology.

2) Teaching and Learning Colleges offering PRE-SERVICE Curriculum to Teachers & School Principals.

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To apply for the PREP Grant, please fill out the following form. As this is a competitive Grant, it is important that you provide all of the requested information or your application will not be considered. The Grant application committee of the Foundation will evaluate applications and award Grants based on how your teacher training center, college, or university achieves the following:

engages teachers in developing new strategies for utilizing information and communication technologies

encourages active learner involvement and interaction through participation and feedback techniques

promotes the development of integrated curriculum materials and curriculum design

stimulates innovative application of technology in the classroom

First Name
Last Name
Institute Name
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Please write a minimum 250-word explanation of how your facility trains teachers to use and integrate technology into the curriculum and how you stimulate the innovative application of technology in the classroom.
Please provide a brief background on your training center. Be sure to include a list of degrees or certificates awarded and the number of teachers trained per year.
Please provide a description of course content/course outlines.
Please provide a list of the major sponsors of your facility.
Where did you hear about the Foundation?
Do you have a projection system? Yes
Select only one SMART Board model and indicate if you also want the optional Floor Stand. Remember your Grant amount is 80% of the list price of each item.

  Product Model
SMART Board 560
SMART Board 580
Optional Floor Stand 570
I represent and warrant that I am submitting this application on behalf of an accredited university, college, teacher training center, institute or school.



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