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PowerLite 7500

1024 x 768 XGA Native Resolution

PowerLite 7200

1024 x 768 XGA Native Resolution

Epson 5500

PowerLite 5500C
Maximum Convenience for End-Users!
Size & Weight of the
Epson PowerLite 5500
is Astonishing!
Under 10 pounds!
Shockingly small!
Footprint of a laptop computer!

650 ANSI Lumens
300:1 Contrast Ratio
800 x 600 SVGA Native Resolution

Epson 7300

PowerLite 7300

Hands-down winner!
Epson PowerLite 7300 is the
Ultimate XGA Machine!

1200 ANSI Lumens
300:1 Contrast Ratio
1024 x 768 XGA Native Resolution


PowerLite 5300

Perfect for Large Venues.
1200 Lumens ANSI
Contrast Ratio 350:1
Above & Beyond the Call of Duty.
800 x 600 SVGA

PowerLite 7000XB
1024x768 True XGA

In Stock for Immediate Delivery

Purchase or Rent

on ALL Platforms
from Toshiba Tecra Laptops
to SunSPARC Workstations


PowerLite 5000XB

SVGA (800x600)
Also known as ELP-5100
750 Lumens ANSI
Contrast Ratio 300:1


PowerLite 5000

SVGA (800x600)
450 Lumens ANSI
Contrast Ratio 300:1


Epson ELP-3500

VGA (640x480)
The most impressive VGA projector for large venues.
Realistically capable of 12' high by 16' wide pictures. For audiences up to a thousand people.

Contrast Ratio 350:1
650 Lumens ANSI

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