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Far-superior XGA projector.

Why You Need RVD-XG10:
BRIGHT ~ 800 Lumens
PORTABLE ~ 19 Pounds

Compare an XG10 to the Inferior Competition:

Category One of "OTHERS"

  • More Expensive
  • Fewer Lumens

    Category Two of "OTHERS"
  • More Expensive
  • More Lumens

    Compare with:

  • ASK Impression A10
  • ASK Impression A6+
  • Lightware L-1020
  • Epson ELP-7100 PowerLite 7000XB
  • Proxima UltraLight DX1
  • Proxima DP6800 Desktop Projector
  • Proxima DP9200 Desktop Projector
  • Proxima DP9210 Desktop Projector
  • Proxima DP9250 Desktop Projector
  • Proxima Pro AV DP9300
  • Proxima Pro AV 9310
  • InFocus LitePro LP735
  • InFocus LitePro LP1000
  • Sanyo PLC-8810
  • Polaroid PV-315 Polaview


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    Pioneer RVD-XG10
    Bright ~ 800 Lumens
    1024:768 XGA Native Resolution
    2-Year Pioneer Factory Warranty

    $5K Price Barrier Shattered!
    Next-Day Delivery
    Major Corporate Purchase Orders Honored

    RVD-XG10 Refresh Rates
    Horizontal Range: 24.5-to-80 KHz
    Vertical Range: 45-to-90 Hz

    Dot Clock of Projector

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