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  • On-Line Grant Application
  • · More Information about Education Grants
    from the SMARTer Kids Foundation

    Funding Educational Technology via Grants to North American schools interested in obtaining SMART products.

    Grants are available for K-12, colleges, universities, and vocational-technical schools.

    Teachers may apply "on line." Paperwork, if any, may be completely filled-out in 15 minutes or less. Applicants specify why they need to receive a Grant, and provide a concise description of how SMART Boards shall be used to teach class, give inservice, conduct administrative meetings, etc.

    Grant award decisions are based upon practicality and feasability of the justification, as judged by the committee appointed by the SMARTer Kids Foundation. So far, 99.9% of applying Teachers win Grants.

    Applications are processed and Grants awarded as received. For best consideration, apply early. Deadline is when all Grant money is awarded.

    There are no limitations on the number of Grants which may be provided to a single educational institution.

    Within 30 days after a completed Grant Application is received by the SMARTer Kids Foundation, the applicant will receive a letter acknowledging the application and indicating the Grant Committee's award decision.

  • SKF Grant Information

    SMART Board with Floor Stand

    Nashville's Media Services
    shall immediately forward this
    grant application to the
    SKF Committee which reviews
    SKF Grant Applications.

    For your peace of mind, you will
    be contacted by Nashville's
    Media Services to confirm receipt
    of your on-line Grant Application.

  • SMARTer Kids Foundation
    On-Line Grant Application Form

    Grant Applications are also available via snail mail.
    Request one by calling Nashville's Media Services at (615)255-7959 !



    School Address:


    State: Zip Code:

    Telephone: ( )

    Fax: ( )

    Grade or Level Taught:

    Subject Matter Taught:

    Projection Device to be used with SMART Board:

    Computer Platform: Windows Macintosh

    ..... Need Cables for Both (Add $30)

    Where did you hear about the SMARTer Kids Foundation?

    Please write a brief summary of how your school would use the SMART Board
    and why your school would like to receive a SMARTer Kids Grant...


    Your SMART Board Request:

    SMART Board 540 - 47" Diagonal · Quantity:
    SMART Board 540 wih Bag & Table Stand · Quantity:

    SMART Board 560 - 60" Diagonal · Quantity:
    SMART Board 560 with Floor Stand · Quantity:

    SMART Board 580 - 72" Diagonal · Quantity:
    SMART Board 580 with Floor Stand · Quantity:

    SMARTBoard RPSB 420 · Quantity:

    SMARTBoard RPSB 1600 · Quantity:

    SMARTBoard RPSB 1602 · Quantity:

    SMARTBoard RPSB 720 · Quantity:


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