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$60 - $100

They are all
Level One Interactive
CAV Format

and include
  • Teacher Guides;
  • Barcodes; and
  • Lesson Plans.


  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Earth Sciences
  • Biology

    Art of the Western World
    Mona Lisa

    Apollo Lunar Missions
    Apollo Mission

    Powers of the President
    Power of the President


  • Something Free
    Just for Teachers!

    Replacement Lamps for One (1) Year with Purchase of a Lightware VP800 LCD Projector!

    Less Than $2,000
    800 x 600 Resolution
    Includes Carrying Case
    Weighs Only 9.5 lbs

    "Scan Converter"

    Big-Screen Results from a Low-Cost Solution!

    MultiPro Plus

    AITech MultiPro Plus
    Less Than $200
    Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution


    Dear Teacher:
    Technology CAN make your classroom a better place to learn.

    These products have success stories, cost the least, and have the greatest chance of actually being used in your classroom.

    SMART Boards

    Teacher PREP Grants

    Now Save 80% on SMART Boards!

    Who Is Eligible?

    1) State & County Government IN-SERVICE Training Centers with focus on Classroom Technology.

    2) Teaching and Learning Colleges offering PRE-SERVICE Curriculum to Teachers & School Principals.

    Apply Here

    We install SMART Boards all across Tennessee, from Memphis to Kingsport.

    Everywhere Teachers apply for grants (not just in Tennessee!) the SMARTer Kids Foundation comes through with enough money to make SMART Boards affordable.

    APPLY for a SMARTer Kids Foundation Education Grant! There is no obligation to buy, and there is no limit on grant awards to one individual teacher, school or school district.


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